An orienteers' personal assistant

Route Choice

Route Choice is an orienteering assistant designed to both efficiently and intuitively provide analysis of the users' events. It's built from the ground up to integrate with Australia's event and result database to provide quick access to analyse and compare your results, view accuracy statistics, GPS tracking and control splits. Route Choice keeps you connected, automatically notifying when results and changes are available for your events.

Built From the Ground Up

Route Choice from the beginning has been a well polished and comprehensive piece of software. Designed, developed and tested by orienteers, we have built a system for that meets the needs and requirements of elites through to casual competitors. Simple and user friendly, our mobile app provides easy access to results, splits and analysis in an approachable way.

What's Next // What's New

Over the past 12 months we've been working behind the scenes on a new web-app for Route Choice. Built with advanced GPS tracking, deeply linked statstics, custom built geo-referencing technology and deep-learning pathfinding algorithms Route Choice will join the leading analysis software avaialble. Intergrated with our mobile app, Route Choice online focuses on replay GPS Tracking and statistical analysis. We're currently in closed beta but make sure to follow Route Choice on Facebook and Twitter to recieve regular updates.