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A free mobile app for sharing photos


Action is a photo sharing social network thriving on privacy and simplicity. Built from the ground up the app is designed to be clean, modern and easy to use while being unlike many other of the similar products in its fields. Action is designed to just include the core of what is needed, and wanted, without any of the bells and whistles.

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An orienteers' personal assistant

Route Choice

Route Choice is an orienteering assistant designed to both efficiently and intuitively provide analysis of the users' events. It's built from the ground up to integrate with Australia's event and result database to provide quick access to analyse and compare your results, view accuracy statistics, GPS tracking and control splits. Route Choice keeps you connected, automatically notifying when results and changes are available for your events.

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Private mood sharing


Share your mood with a close friend, family or a loved one. Receive notifications when a mood is changed to keep up to date. Choose from a colour-coded list of moods to easily share how you're feeling.

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The perfect student planner

Taroona High School

A student planer for Taroona High School, built with a tight input from a number of various stakeholders. The app was widely used by the majority of students and parents but has since been replaced by an Education Department app for all schools and is no longer on the App Store.

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Fight the nightmare of sleep paralysis


Hoped is a sleeping assistant that monitors movement patterns throughout the night to play a sound and wake you when movement is detected. Designed to address the nightmare of sleep paralysis, night terrors and nightmares, Hoped uses advanced motion detection algorithms that take advantage of the devices' inbuilt gyroscope and accelerometer sensors.

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Fight the health struggles after birth

4th Trimester

4th Trimester is a iOS application new to the App Store. Designed to guide post pregnant mothers though a safe and healthy workout process, the app utilises a secure server connection and is designed heavily on data caching and native video implementation. Drafted by professionals, the custom exercises are tailored to the specific needs of new mothers and the short workouts are designed to fit a busy lifestyle.

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A true treasure trove of all things kitchen

Medhurst Kitchen Equipment

The Medhurst Kitchen Equipment website is a true masterpiece of work integrated into the business's POS system. Built for the consumer, the website has been both designed and developed in close coordination with Medhurst Kitchen Equipment to ensure a consistent style and functionality.

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Saving the planet one video at a time

Tasmanian Climate Stories

The Tasmanian Climate Change Stories website has been built from the ground up to deliver both information and content in an easy and accessible manner. Designed hand in hand with the TCCS team, the website is integrated with YouTube to provide an easy and simple system for both consumers and organisers.

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Learn the ropes the easy way

The Academic Word List

The Academic Word List mobile application is an up-and-coming project that will simplify the study process of international students. The app is structured off the University of Tasmania's English as a Second Language program to deliver content in a mobile-friendly fashion.

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It's simple and it's addictive

Falling Tiles

Falling Tiles is a small and simple, but highly addictive mobile game. Built natively and deeply integrated into Apple's Game Centre service, Falling Tiles contains a leader board, personalised achievements and continuous dynamic content.

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